Simple hearing tips for travelling this summer!

Holiday season is upon us! Although it’s easy to get carried away with the excitement, for those of us with hearing loss – make sure you’re prepared for when you touch down on the tarmac.

1 – Batteries, batteries and more batteries!
Don’t get caught short when travelling. Always ensure you have a good supply of batteries, although they are usually available wherever you go, they may not have the same quality. Always bring extra for backup!

2 – Stress-free security
Hearing aids are not affected by airport scanners and x-rays, meaning you won’t need to remove them during security screening (although they may trigger the metal detector). It may be worth a mention to a security officer prior to your screening that you are using hearing aids.

3 – Keep it switched on!
Your hearing aids don’t count as an electronic device, which allows the in-flight use of hearing aids – although do check with your airline ahead of time if you have any questions!

4 – Get a ‘dry aid kit’
If you’re lucky enough to be going somewhere hot and tropical (we can almost TASTE the cocktails from here), grab yourself a dry aid kit. This is a small jar containing a desiccant in order to pull out the moisture. Moisture can cause damage to hearing aids if dirt builds up on the microphone and can make cleaning very difficult. Keep them in tip top condition by getting a dry aid kit (contact your healthcare professional for more information on these).

5 – Maintenance is key
Don’t forget your cleaning tools. If you’re more active on holiday than at home, you’re going to need to take extra care with your hearing aids. Keep them clean and functioning perfectly so that you can enjoy your well-deserved trip away.

6 – Enjoy yourself
The main goal on your holiday is to relax and enjoy yourself, as long as you remember the basics, travelling with hearing aids should be simple.  And don’t forget to have a cocktail (or two) for us while you’re there!

As always, have a great holiday season and take really good care!